The Tabata protocol or 4 minutes to lose fat

          You want to lose fat and have well-defined muscles, but you do not have time to train at least 1h a day? Here is the ideal solution: Tabata Training. While only 4 minutes of your day is needed, you can exercise from the comfort of your home and lose just as much fat as if you spent a full hour at the gym. Too good to be true? This training protocol is based on scientific studies and is used to improve the performance of high-level athletes. There is a price to pay though: a lot of sweat, moaning and suffering!

          The Tabata method was invented by a Japanese researcher, Izumi Tabata, and his team to prepare speed skating athletes at the Olympic Games. In the initial study, these athletes had to use the Tabata protocol four times a week in addition to an extra day of continuous training, thus no breaks between each set. The researchers noted that the Vo2 max of these athletes had increased significantly more than the control group that trained 5 days/week in continuous training.

          Nowadays, Tabata Training is used in all areas of sport, whether it is for cycling or for weight loss. However, what does this 4-minute training method consist of? Take a multi-articular (compound) exercise like the squat or the thruster for example, do it as fast as possible for 20 seconds, take a break of 10 seconds and repeat 7 more times. Easy? Just to get an idea, when training in high-intensity intervals (HIIT), a ratio of 1: 3 is prescribed when the person is a beginner, meaning that for 1 minute of effort, there is a 3-minute rest. When the person is intermediate, they are given a ratio of 1: 2, so 1 minute of effort for a 2-minute rest, and if the person is advanced, they will do the training with a ratio of 1: 1. Tabata has a ratio of 2: 1, 2 minutes of effort for 1 minute of rest. It is at least twice as intense as the HIIT training!

          Tabata is one of the best trainings that will lead to fat loss. This is perfect if you want to have more muscle definition or just be more toned. However, I am warning you, it will be the worst 4 minutes of your life!

- Coach Calvin Hua


Calvin Hua