The mysterious second breath!

"At first, I felt that the training was extremely hard, but after half of my training I found my SECOND BREATH!" - many athletes

But what is the second breath?

The second breath is an expression that corresponds to a feeling of well-being during an aerobic type of training (running, cross-country skiing, cycling, swimming, etc.). Science is not specific about the origin of this sensation but here are two hypotheses that are supported by several sport science specialists:

HYPOTHESIS 1: During training, there is an increase in the concentration of certain hormones in your body such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. In short, the increase of those hormones positively influences our mood, our perceptions and our sensations. This induce a feeling of euphoria and well-being. So, if after thirty minutes, you feel you have found your second breath, it is possibly because the concentrations of some of our hormones have increased! Good news, a boost of energy naturally emitted by your body!

HYPOTHESIS 2: Other specialists attribute the sensation of "second breath" to the moment when the body's adaptations to the effort, for example the heart rate, stabilize. On the other hand, it should be noted that an adequate warm-up before the training makes it possible to stabilize those adaptations. This would mean that if you reach your second breath, after about fifteen minutes, your warm-up was maybe not adequate. So, according to this hypothesis you could start your training with the same energy that you have when you find your second breath by doing a good warm up.

Charlotte Balthazar


Charlotte Balthazar