Biking safely also means using SmartHalo


          Let's be honest: traveling in the city of Montreal and driving a car do not combine well at all! In order to avoid taking the car, as Montrealers, we have three possible options in terms of transportation: walking, taking public transportation or biking! In addition, Montreal is known to be THE cycling capital of North America! With the arrival of the Bixi service, there has been an increase in bike paths and an increase in the population traveling by bike. Moreover, since bike lanes have become more accessible, we are seeing more and more Montrealers using their own bicycles as well. However, there are certain risks in using your bike: taking unsafe streets, biking at night when streets are not lit properly, not knowing which direction to take when going to VSquare Fitness without having to take out your phone for Google Maps and finally, the biggest risk of them all, parking your bike without worrying about it being stolen.

          Well, we have the solution for you! There is now a product that will help you prevent thieves from running away with your bike and that will take you to the safest paths as a cyclist! SmartHalo, developed here in Montreal, is an accessory that acts as a GPS, a flash light, an alarm and a fitness application. Just download the mobile app, and you're done! Here's a sneak peek:


          Say goodbye to all your worries and hello to SmartHalo! You can now start biking safely and park your bike anywhere without anyone walking away with it!