My ideal evening routine for a good night of sleep

Days can be quite long between coaching clients, managing my business, working out (sometimes twice a day), have a social life and on and on and on… 

Although I like some kind of chaos and uncertainty, there a few things I do every evening to unwind, rest and prepare for the next day:

Deep breathing/yoga/meditation

I tend to have a high level of energy in the second part of my day (especially if I worked out in the afternoon), so these activities tend to calm by brain & clear my thoughts. 

I’m a huge fan of Headspace app, (must have to do with the British accent) for meditation & breathing. I also use YogaGlo, for yoga/stretching/meditation.  Took me a while to "adopt" one yoga app vs others as I find they’re mostly badly organized, the teacher speaks often too fast and for a beginner, it could be challenging (even the first levels).

Warm bath w/Epsom salts + eucalyptus, spearmint essential oil

I know I know, we shouldn't take hot bath/shower as it increases body temp and increases body's demand to lower it. 

But warm, with Epsom salts/ oils to relax & relief muscle tensions does the trick. 

Shutting down phone

I don’t actually shut it down but it to total silence, far from my bed, with only a few important contacts that can reach me in case of emergency, because all the rest can certainly wait ’til the next morning. 

Turn off the computer (and tv if you own one!)

Like for the phone, there is nothing that cannot wait ’til the next morning, so about 1:30-2:00 before bed, I turn off my computer/tablet/etc… everything that makes a backlight/blue light as it is a known fact that they disturb our circadian rhythm.  

Bone broth, book, and zzz

I love making bone broth and drink it as a pre-sleep goodie. Not only because of the glycine calming effect but also because it helps reduce inflammation (from working out) promote growth and repair. 

I grab a book, nothing too complicated and read ’til fatigue kicks in.  

Incorporating all these together greatly improved my quality of sleep and makes a huge difference the next day. Do you have a bedtime routine? 

Patricia Lamarre