4 reasons why you should hire an online fitness coach

You want to lose weight, be more toned, get in shape or reduce stress, there are many benefits of choosing an online coach over joining a gym and being locked in a membership to reach your fitness goals.

1. Online fitness coaching is CONVENIENT!

It is accessible from your home, office and even while traveling. You don’t have to worry about how other see you (you never should but that’s another subject… we’re all beautiful!) You can workout in your most comfortable clothing even tho they are worn off, (I personally workout wearing my old Nirvana t-shirt and boy shorts when doing yoga or bodyweight exercises in my flat). You don’t have to worry about commit to a scheduled session. Also no time wasted getting to the gym, getting changed, wait for machines, dirty locker rooms

2. Online workouts are INTERACTIVE and DYNAMIC.

When you need guidance or support, your coach is a click away. Your fitness coach adjusts your workout program along the way unlike some program you find on Google by some random person. Your trainer/dietician will take in consideration your exercise and medical history, fitness level and goals, available equipment and schedule availability.

3. You receive professional guidance AT A FRACTION OF THE COST

A personal trainer ranges from $40-200+/hour based on the market you’re in. Whereas an online fitness coach who’s not with you live but most often available will take the time to answer the questions you might have about the workout, nutrition and you’ll pay mostly for check-ins and sometimes online consultations, so you can expect from $20-200+/month based on the level of follow-up you need.

4. An online fitness coach is EFFICIENT!

If you are new to fitness, it may be difficult to know where to begin, there are so many infos out there. Designing your own fitness program can also be very frustrating and time consuming. An online personal trainer can help you eliminate tons of unnecessary research and confusion. He/she will teach you the most effective methods for achieving the results you want.  And the more customized and fun your fitness program, the more likely you will be to stick with it and enjoy a healthier lifestyle in the long term.

Online fitness training is a win-win situation because it provides an effective way to receive fitness advice and guidance from a fitness expert. It is an effective, safe and convenient way to lose weight, tone your body and improve your health in your own terms. If you have trouble staying motivated, knowing what to do, where to start, don’t have the budget for both a membership and a personal trainer, this option is for you.

But just like other training programs, you have to follow the workout schedule and eat clean, nutritious meals to reach your goals. But at least with online training you can train when and where it is convenient for you.

Note: Always consult with a health care professional before beginning any physical fitness program.

Patricia Lamarre