New: Small Group trainings at VSquare Fitness

5 reasons to try the group classes at Vsquare Fitness


· FULFILLMENT AND PLEASURE: Achieve your goals in a friendly and playful environment, sometimes competitive, always in a collaboration spirit.


· IN GOOD COMPANY: You will be accompanied by other participants (maximum 10 people). This is an opportunity to train with your spouse, colleagues and friends.


· DECREASE THE COSTS OF YOUR TRAINING: You share the cost with other participants


· PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: Receive the advice from a kinesiologists. (despite the fact that the courses are in groups, you will receive personalized advice since the number of participants is limited to 10 people)


· CUSTOMER SERVICE: Benefit of various services such as parking, laundry service, towels and shower towels, as well as a permanent locker.


5 types of group classes offered:


H.I.I.T: High-Intensity Interval Training

· CONSTANTLY VARIED: This type of workout changes every time and allow your body to become more cardiovascular and muscular

· FUNCTIONAL: You will learn how to move and move loads using multiple muscle groups at a time.

· AND ALWAYS HIGH INTENSITY: In order to have better cardiovascular and muscular capacities and recover more easily.



· DEVELOPMENT OF THE MUSCLE STRENGTH: Become stronger, more powerful while sculpting your body. Each session focuses on a different muscle group for more results. Break your personal records every week!

· COMPLEX MOVEMENTS: It is important to work on complex movements / multi-joints such as: Squat, Deadlift, Press, Tractions and Push-ups.





It's a occasion to recover from a long week of strength training and high intensity.


To allow our body to come back in strength, stretch and decrease the tensions that may have accumulated with the help of foam roller, elastic.


Mobility and flexibility allow the body to avoid injuries, compensations and muscle imbalances.



· SLOW AND MEDITATION: Poses are maintained for 45 seconds to 2 minutes for deep stretching of the muscle and joints of the body.

· STRESS REDUCTION: Focuses on relaxation, slow stretching and stress reduction, contrast and balance for vinyasa classes.



PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY DYNAMICS: This energizing form of yoga sculpts, refines all the muscles of the body.

· FLUIDITY: Yoga techniques characterized by fluid poses and sequences, such as greetings to the sun, related to breathing.

· IMMEDIATE WELLNESS: You will be stronger, more defined and refocused, after vinyasa session. 

Charlotte Balthazar