Outdoor Activity: Aventures North-Bec Stoneham

     Do you like dogs? Do you like being outdoors? Do you like snow? Well, how about a day at Aventures North-Bec Stoneham, located 30 minutes away from Old Quebec!? They offer a variety of activities including dog sledding (which you can drive yourself!), snowshoeing, survival classes, kennel visits, and more! The instructors are excellent and experienced, but my favorite part was CLEARLY the dogs! You will see malamutes, huskies and alaskans of all sizes and ages! There is also the opportunity to visit the kennel where we see how dogs live and how their food is prepared.


     They also offer a survival class where you will learn how to make a fire, how to make tea from birch bark, in short, how to identify & use various tools found in nature to survive in the forest!      

     It was a great day, despite the cold weather. In addition, the activities are also accessible to children! I strongly suggest visiting Aventures Nord-Bec Stoneham this winter, you will love it!

Liddia Kol