Training with colleagues at VSquare Fitness!

VSquare Fitness is a studio located in Old Montreal and offers corporate training services to businesses and organizations in the surrounding area. The environment of the studio is ideal for team training!

There are several benefits in giving value to workout and physical activity in the workplace. First of all, offering employees training time is a good way to promote their physical and mental health. For example, physiological adaptations caused by training reduces stress and improves one's mood. Consequently, improved health tends to reduce absenteeism at work and reduce employee turnover rate. Working out with colleagues allows for new connections between team members. In fact, it promotes a good team spirit! After training, employees are definitely more energized and productive. Moreover, it is inspiring for a team to see their boss/their leader train with them. A boss who values hysical activity will have a positive effect on his/her team. Finally, valuing physical activity at work improves the image of the company. In other words, it reflects what the company values, uch as the health and well-being of employees. Some companies also participate in sporting challenges where profits are directed towards causes that may be in line with the values f the company.


It will be our pleasure to welcome you to the studio for a free trial with your colleagues!

Liddia Kol