Why a fitness coach? 

An online fitness coach is an affordable way to get access to highly educated professional who are passioned about helping people like you reaching their health and fitness goals.  What sets us apart is the quality of coaching you will receive. You will get constant motivation and support which will help you reach your long lasting objectives in no time.  With our custom ios or android app, you can train in your own gym, outside or on the go knowing exactly what to do.

Workout Programs

Your exercise plans are tailored to your needs. Created for long lasting results on monthly base, with weekly or bi-weekly adjustments based on your progress. Whether your goal is to gain muscle mass, get stronger, get more grounded, be more flexible, or even sport-specific like running a 5k to a marathon, we got you covered.

Nutrition Coaching

The right macronutrients (proteins, fat, carbs) ratios to optimize your health while helping you reach your goal.  Revised on a monthly or bi-weekly, you will learn how to make good balanced and healthy meals with little or no restrictions (we're not fans of diets!).  You're lactose or gluten intolerant, you have allergies, you're vegan or a carnivorous individual, no worries, we can help.

Ongoing Coaching And Support

Stay accountable with weekly check-ins with your coach.  We'll keep you motivated and positive with our constant support as we follow your progress and keep you on track with in the app.  There are many ways to measure progress: It can be you achieving your personal bests, losing inches, gaining muscle mass, running longer, being more energized, etc... We're also available to Skype or do live coaching*. 





Our secret...

You get help from a professional who cares for you and your objectives. Whether you want get more toned, reduce your stress level or simply be in a better shape. 


Invest in your wellness

FitCoach by Vsquare offers you the right training for your lifestyle at an affordable price. With your app, you have the freedom to practice wherever and whenever you want with the constant support of your coach. See below what is included in the package. Our subscriptions are on a monthly basis renewed automatically from the day of purchase.


What you get with FitCoach:

*Monthly Personalized Training Program adapted to your objectives  (2 or 3-day split) redesigned monthly to ensure your progress and keep it fun.

*Calculation of your Macro needs as well as intolerances / allergies, vegan, vegetarian. 

*Access to our app to log and track your workouts

*Progress Measures and Photos

*Weekly check-ins and Adjustments

*In-app Communication with your Coach.

*Access to Private Facebook Support Group

*Macro adjustments (with MyFitnessPal)

*Fitcoa.ch approved grocery list


Who are you?

My name is Patricia Lamarre, a McGill University Kinesiology graduate who works in the fitness industry since 1998. In 2010 I founded Vsquare Fitness, one a a kind personal training studio in Montreal.  I developed an integrative approach that combines strength & cardiovascular training, mobility and postural work, clean eating, stress management through breathing & meditation in order to help my clients reach an optimal health. I created Fitcoa.ch in order to help more people reaching a healthy lifestyle in a fun, efficient fashion without restricting themselves.

To to help me in this venture, I built a team of personal trainers, all graduated from renowned university (not some weekend certifications...) all as passionate as me to help people reaching their desired lifestyle.


Do you have real training facility and can I come see you?

Yes! Our personal training studio is located in Montreal, Canada.  Our address is 415 rue de Longueuil, H3C 0R8. It will be our pleasure to welcome you in our facility.


Why should I choose you as my Online Fitness Coach when I can Google workout programs for free?

First of all, you're receiving a program adapted to your needs, not some cookie cutter programs.

Second, an app or a program doesn't give you access to a coach, who's there to motivate you and help us along the way. 


Why should I start online training?

  • You just signed up to a gym and don't know where to start.
  • You are not getting the results you want.
  • You're having difficulties to make exercise and clean food an habit and look for some support and accountability.
  • You don't have the budget to see a personal trainer on a regular base.
  • You have difficulty to stick to a program.


I have some specific needs, such as past injuries, or I train for a sport. Can I still sign up?

Yes you can. Please send us an email directly with more details see how we can help you. 


I’ve never worked with a Personal Trainer, nor a Fitness Coach before, what program do you suggest I start with?

It always depends on your needs.  If you're new and want to learn about clean eating and train properly, I'd start with the initial assessment and we would go from there.


What if I don’t like some of the exercises in your program?

Send un an in-app message and we'll change the exercises asap. 


How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

Following the plans exactly would lead you to results within the first week. You'll feel more energized, more grounded, you may start feeling lighter and more toned, but this usually happens within the first month.


Is you website safe for transaction?

We use MINDBOYONLINE as merchant.  It is encrypted and secure.


What currency?

Pricing is in Canadian Dollars.  If you're from outside Canada, you'll credit card company will automatically convert the amount in your currency.


What card do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Amex.


Why is it a monthly subscription instead of a one-time payment fee?

We offer you coaching and support for the whole duration of the subscription. Also people having different objectives in length and type of follow-up, one-payment would makes thing more complicated for both customers and us. 


Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course. At anytime during your subscription you can cancel it. Just send us an email and we'll deactivate your account. Your subscription will then won't be renewed at the anniversary date.