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Our goal is a stronger, healthier and happier version of you...

This is where our expertise makes the difference. Working with a coach in a private setting is the fastest and most sustainable way to reach your goals. Beyond the programs created, the follow-up put in place and changes in your lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, stress management and productivity), the moments spent with your coach are for YOU.


The first 60 minutes consultation is on us:

First we will get to know you by asking you a few questions about your goals, your health and your lifestyle. Then we will take a look at your posture and the quality of your movements using functional movement tests. We will thus know if certain limitations have to be addressed before pushing the training further. Following these tests, we will assess your current fitness level (strength, endurance, flexibility) in order to establish the training program and follow-up plan that best suits your needs.

Tracking can be done at our studio, online or via our application.